3 Kittens & Their Mother Need Good Homes
Click here for the PDF flyer about the tiger kittens.
Just after Memorial Day, a mother cat and her newborn kittens needed a safe place to live and grow, so they came to stay with us for the summer. They've played, they've eaten, they've slept, and they've played some more. They've grown from tiny balls of fur completely dependent on Mom to independent, active kittens ready to strike out on their own. Winter will soon be upon us, so now it's time to find them warm, loving homes.

With the help and generosity of the veterinarian team at His Hands Extended Sanctuary, all the kittens as well as Mom have been spayed & neutered and have received all three rounds of their inoculation shots, including rabies. All have received monthly Revolution treatments, and are free of fleas and worms. All are healthy, interactive, playful, and friendly. These are the kittens – and Mom – for whom we would like to find homes. All are domestic short-hairs with silky, smooth coats.
Boy & Girl Tiger Kittens. We'd like to place these twins – a brother and sister – together in a home that is looking for the benefits of multiple pets who enjoy each other's company. They're almost identical, with just enough difference to tell them apart when looking closely. They're both active, playful, and affectionate.

Girl Kitten that's almost all black with white chest and tummy hairs. This kitten is a bit more private and independent than the tigers. She loves to play with toys, especially those hanging from a pole she can chase, and will cuddle and purr when she wants company. Update - she's been adopted!

Mama Cat that's mostly black with white neck, chest and tummy hairs. We estimate Mama Cat to be about two years old. She's very comfortable and affectionate with people, responds quickly to being called, and is surprisingly obedient for a cat. She'd make an excellent pet for someone who wants a young adult cat. Update - she's been adopted!

To adopt any of these pets, we ask two things in consideration of all the time, effort, and expense that's gone into preparing them for their permanent homes. First, we'll need the name and phone number of your veterinarian so we can confirm a positive history of pet care. Second, we would appreciate a donation to His Hands Extended Sanctuary to help them in their mission of rescuing homeless, abandoned pets.

If you'd like to talk about making any of these pets a part of your home and family, please contact us at 937-543-2844 or email us at kittens@offthedial.com.